sanitation and mold remediation 

Prevent/treat mold and bacteria growth. We use fogging machines to apply OXINE.  

REsidential Air Duct Cleaning

Main lines, unlimited vents and returns.

Maximizes the efficiency of your system. Improve the quality of the air your family breathe in your home. A typical six room home accumulates 40 pounds of dust annually. 

Recommended once every other year.

Dryer vent cleaning 

Reduce the risk of fire, reduce your bills.

Accumulation of highly combustible lint and reduced exhaust airflow provide conditions for a fire, an estimated of 15,000 fires start this way annually.

When the dryer takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes or when the clothes are hotter than normal the risk is already high. 

Recommended once a year.

chimney cleaning 

Includes entire flue line, fire box and 19 points safety inspection. Recommended once a year.

guaranteed quality cleaning services



Chimney Caps install

Prevent animals from enter the house thru the chimney. Keeps sparks on the chimney and away from roof which can ignite fire. 

dryer duct install

When this duct have a hole they before a fire hazard and the drying capacity of your dryer is reduced. Reduce fire hazard and reduce your bills. 

bird guard install 

Prevent animals from enter the house thru the vent. Prevents bird nesting.